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World of Warcraft
Level 85 Shaman, Elemental.
Draenei. Alliance.
Executus (PvP) - NorthAmerica
To Applicants & Potential Recruits Saturday, February 13, 2010
6:43 PM

Hello and welcome.

We are <Talamasca> and we are currently recruiting skilled, mature players to fill our 25-player raids.

This raiding schedule may be subject to change, but as of right now we raid Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 - 11 PM server time. Currently we are progressing through 25-player content, but we raid 10-player content on unofficial raid days (off-days),

We understand that real life issues trump WoW issues. Most of us have a day job, go to school, etc. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we are also not a casual raiding guild. I like to think we're somewhere in between. Some have termed us "seriously casual." :)

We are, however, all about a positive guild and raid environment. We do not tolerate harassment in our raids, guild chat, or vent, and we work to maintain Talamasca as a fun and safe space for everyone. To that end, we discourage racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination in our chat channels. Our guild leadership is also very experienced in raiding, having raided through most of T6 content pre-WotLK. Hell, some of us have even raided through AQ40 and Naxx pre-BC.

Our loot policy is a personalized EPGP loot priority system. More info on this loot system can be found here:

With all that said, if we haven't scared you off yet, please feel free to apply. Please use the apply function at the top of your screen in the menu bar.

Currently, we need these classes, in order of need:

Priests (any spec)
Other Healers
Shaman (enhancement)
Other ranged dps
Warrior (Prot)

Feel free to apply, even if you are not one of the classes listed. One of the officers will review your application and contact you in game if we are interested in you. For faster response times, try to contact an officer online. See below. Thanks.

Officers and Officer Alts:

Makare (Guild Mistress) - Alt: Aelphaba
Enzzo (2nd in Command) - Alts: Khaymann, Fiyerro, Mageypants
Delveddeep (Guild Curmudgeon) - Alts: Banerog, Sealofkisses, Madrail, Hardkhorium, Shockstar
Silverwar (Main Tank) - No alts
Rochiond (The Prodigal Officer) - Alts: Frostmidget, Runtly

Role Leads:
Boltstaff (Head Caster) - Alt: Southwind, Boltshadow
Armoredmedic (Healer Lead) - Alt: Tristin, Healforfun, Untamedsoul, Kamandisan, Fanelwen, Galamir

Forums / General Discussion

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